20 Hot Start-Ups

Start-ups need a lot of things to make it big. Here are 20 we feel have been hot in their respective areas this year and a bit about them. We’ve […]

Start-ups need a lot of things to make it big. Here are 20 we feel have been hot in their respective areas this year and a bit about them. We’ve been thinking alot about start-ups over the last few months and even attended VentureAtlanta last week.

Let us know what you think. Who are we missing?instagram.com

The first 5 are a from a mix of industries:

1. airBnB: Find a place to stay. Rent from real people.

2. dropbox: Drop important files. Access them from anywhere.

3. square: Start accepting credit cards today, right from your mobile phone.

4. instagram: Fast beautiful photo sharing from your iPhone.

5. OnSwipe: Make your publication look great on tablet browsers.

Our 5 favorites from the Atlanta area:scoutmob.com

1. scoutmob: Mobile deals for the local curious. Fun discounts that help you discover new places.

2. mailchimp: Easy email newsletters.

3. triplingo: Easily speak like a native. Language on the go.

4. Contact At Once: Industry specific chat. Helping improve customer experience through chat.

5. Secure Health Pay and SimpleC (a healthy tie): Secure Health Pay helps you control medical expenses and pay them securely. While SimpleC provides personalized non-drug solutions to help seniors, something that is bound to be big.

10 to watch in no particular order:

get around: Rent a car from someone nearby.triplingo.com It’s kind of a crowd-sourced zipcar.

percolate: It’s still in alpha, but promises to bubble up content from the sites and people you find interesting.

banksimple: A personal banking alternative from a company that respects you. I hope they’re getting in on the Occupy movement even though they’re just entering beta.

manilla: One place to manage all your accounts, bills, rewards programs, everything to center the experience around you.

shoebox: The fastest way to scan old paper photos and Pulse.meshare them with family and friends. We love this mobile app.

color: A live broadcast from your phone where you can host your friends.

vhx.tv: A beautiful and fun way to discover videos.

broadcastr: Share your story on this location based app.

ThredUp: Taking the idea of kids clothing swaps to the next level. Unload that outgrown kids stuff and buy new cloths that look and fit great.

pulse.me: Is a revolutionary new media app that we use all the time on our iPad. If you haven’t tried it, you should. We think you’ll love it.

Ones to watch in 2012 from the Atlanta area:weand.co

weand.co: Thank people who do a good job. It’s a mobile and web app that brings social to the service industry and beyond. Tips are nice, but thanking someone starts a conversation and spreads smiles.

codeguard: Provides an always-on time machine feature to rollback your site if it is damaged or hacked. This is for small and medium businesses and is really helpful if you or someone else messes up your site.

pindrop: Fraud management and authenticationgetone.at service using phone related security intelligence. It’s kind of geeky, but could be a key to help combat identity theft and other fraud.

getone.at: A loyalty rewards app tied to your phone number. Get rid of all those rewards cards and just use your phone. We’ve written about this concept since 2003 and absolutely believe in it. As for the bump part, we could do without it.

soket: A command center for small and medium businesses to stay plugged into patrons across all their online touchpoints. Need one place to publish to your website, facebook, twitter, google + and everywhere else? Maybe you should check this out.