About us

Based in Atlanta, Experience Rethink is a privately held user experience and design innovation agency that collaborates with top companies who are passionate about delivering results and making a difference. Our team has done business around the world, delivering results on top initiatives for Fortune 500 and other leading companies.

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Sustainability and Our Community
Experience Rethink is committed to building awareness around sustainable businesses that foster communities and the environment. Beyond reducing our ecological footprint and the footprint of the experiences we help bring to life, Brian believes in giving back to communities by helping improve experiences and streamline business at non-profits and schools.

Our Founder
Brian Regienczuk, FounderPrevious Group Director of Global Design at Coca-Cola, Brian Regienczuk founded Experience Rethink in 2010. Brian brings more than 20 years of business, design and innovation expertise, evaluating and rethinking the digital and physical experiences that bring brands and companies to life. Working with some of the largest brands on the planet, Brian has created better experiences and new value across many industries and areas of business. Brian uses his expertise to bring people together, simplify the complex and make sure projects are focused on delivering real business value. Learn more about Brian on LinkedIn.