New startup Agency Spotter makes agency search easy, saving time and money

Today, searching for an agency is frustrating, extremely time intensive and fraught with risk. Users are asking their networks in a broad way that isn’t effective. We were surprised by how many have turned to googling for an agency, and try to weed through the billion or so search results that come back. Others look to which agencies have just won awards or made a top 10 list.

Overall, there was no one place to go to get all the information you need to start to make decisions about agencies, to get to your short list. To add to that, if you choose poorly, your project may fail to deliver, putting more than just time and money at risk.

In designing the experience for Agency Spotter, we were challenged to not only change this for the business users searching for agencies, but also improve the way that agencies are able to connect with businesses.

Agency Spotter - Search Results

For a market where the spend changing hands is approaching $1 Trillion worldwide, the goal was to help both sides find the right partnership in less time. Getting to a short list of agencies, typically takes three to six months today. We flip that on its head using technology and design so it takes less time and the experience is really easy.

The Agency Spotter platform helps marketers and other business leaders take their agency search from months to minutes.

If you are a business person who might have the need to search for an agency, or if you are an agency who looks for new business, check out the site and tell us what you think. It’s free to search, just sign up (use LinkedIn for the best experience). Agencies can get a basic presence for free (but must be an agency with at least two full-time people and not contractors or individuals) and there are some really smart reasons for agencies to consider upgrading once they see the value the platform offers.

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The team at Agency Spotter launched the public beta on November 1st and is working hard to listen, design and develop the best platform for this marketplace. They are also adding agencies and expanding beyond their initial focus of Atlanta to cover key markets like New York, the west coast, and beyond.

Check out Agency Spotter today!

For full disclosure, Brian Regienczuk is the founder of Experience Rethink and a co-founder of Agency Spotter Inc.