Eleven Trends To Watch in 2011 x 2

Several themes we have been highlighting as important over the last several years have made it into a great Edelman Digital slideshare and an extremely cute video from Media Logic. Take a look at the seven related trends we’ve been talking about and then check out their eleven trends in the slideshow and video below. Hopefully, most of them are familiar, but it is always good to start the year off grounded in what we know is ahead for 2011.

  1. Marketing is about the experience people have with your brand over time and not just about clicks and impressions
  2. Maximize your company’s ability to rapidly scale ideas and great experience, especially for consumer marketing but also for B2B and internal departments
  3. Create experiences that make your brand memorable and that make sense for your brand’s personality
  4. Touchpoints, across the digital and physical world, should unite your brand and create a meaningful conversation
  5. Digital experiences are starting to trump many traditional touchpoints and reach more people in different ways than ever before
  6. The art of storytelling is alive and well, make sure your story comes across strong and stays relevant
  7. Marketing integration across touchpoints, including social media, continues to be a focus for both better productivity and more unified storytelling