Experience is everything, does yours deliver?

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We all know when we’ve had a good or bad experience. And, we each have thousands of experiences a day from the morning radio and that first cup of coffee to lines at lunch and running to the store on the way home. Some are designed to stick, but many make you want to switch to a better experience.

the experience of pollination, designed to stick
Is your experience designed to stick or make people want to switch to a better one?

When it comes designing the experience we want our customers and business partners to have, are we delivering something that will make them stick or switch? Outside, the flower offers and enticing landing pad for the bee. The bee touches down and decides to stay or go to the next in less than a second. Either way, the flower get’s pollinated–that experience delivers!

Most experiences are developed in a vacuum, within different parts of a company. There is no holistic representation of the experience you want to create for your customer, shopper, supplier or partner. Each of these moments holds an opportunity to pollinate your idea, product, brand and ultimate success.

Big or small, B2B or B2C, the speed of business forces us to get caught up in putting out the new product, brand, advert, website and so on. Each person is focused in. Bees are focused too, but they have an common architecture they are all striving for in building the optimal honey comb.

Who is looking out for the overall experience for your company? How can you communicate the experience you want?

At Experience Rethink, our services are designed to deliver a better experience and can be designed to scale across your business.