Has Delta.com’s experience improved with redesign?

Have you flown the worlds largest airline lately, Delta? Did the redesigned home page help or hinder you during check-in or purchase? Did the look and feel leave you feeling happy about the brand or maybe a little sad?

New Delta.com Home Page

Based in Atlanta, experts have been hard at work redesigning Delta’s online presence at Delta.com. The launch of the new home page (image: top), the week of August 8, was the first step

Inside pages same as old design

to both improve the customer experience and further align their online and off-line identity. Though the changes are only skin deep, inside pages (image: first on right) are still using the old identity (image: second on right), Delta says it has plans to go further.

Old Delta.com Homepage

tnooz, a travel technology news website, has quoted Delta representatives stating, “It’s not just a makeover—our new homepage is completely rethought and redesigned to give you faster, easier access to everything you need to plan and manage your travel… Now you can book, check in, see your flight status, check your mileage balance, get vacation ideas and more—all right on our homepage.”

Delta says that the website redesign is part of a larger effort at the airline to interact directly with hits customers on the web. Along with the redesign of Delta.com, they also gave customers the ability to reserve flights on Facebook and have plans to expand their Ticket Window to other sites.

The 5 core options you now have are: SkyMiles Login, Book a Trip, My Trips, Check In, and Flight Status.

Will the existing redesign goals live up to real consumers’ experience with it? Does this less cluttered experience improve save customers time and does the new look and feel resonate positively?

My hypothesis, shared by several other experts online, gives this site mixed reviews, but the core features meet the usability mark.

  • 5 core options will get users to their task faster
  • Users will feel the site is dark, heavy, very old and corporate (suggestion: remove use of dark gray menu, use light airy image, and add more white like was done in many of the check-in off-line identity elements)
  • The headline call to action placement and lack of prominence will not garner clicks or trigger users to browse off the beaten path
  • No one will scroll below the bottom of the main image to see the featured items like the Delta American Express offer

Corporate redesign is never an easy process, so we may need to have faith in the experts at Delta.com and give them some time to continue to improve things as they focus on being more proactive and prevalent in the digital dialogue with customers. However, customers will have the last word and time will put the site to the test.

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