Sensory Experiences That Could Redefine Spaces

Sometimes art is just aesthetic and cerebral, however anthropodino by Ernesto Neto may have been much more than this with structures that immerse you in womb like spaces that literally cradle you and 1650 pounds of spices that gently hang from above, touching your sense of smell. This large scale art installation last year at the Park Avenue Armory challenges us to think about more of the senses as we look to the future of architecture, interior design, lighting, sustainable materials and even furniture design.

The translucent nature of the walls allowed for complex layering of light, color, shapes and movement. Overall, the structure has a very organic relaxed, yet social feel. In contrast to many of today’s white, clean and modern store interiors and spaces, this offers a similar modern and clean feel with a much warmer, inviting sensibility.  It elicits exploration and interaction that many spaces are looking for to invite customers or spark creativity and collaboration.

Could these shapes and the structure’s cradling, embracing style be an inspiration for future spaces, places and products?

Many public and commercial spaces are trying to tap into the type of feelings that a space like this generates. Could the spaces, like an Apple Store of the future, have more in common with this art than the stores you visit today?

Take a look at some of the brilliant images and the short video below and judge for yourself. A bit of future or purely fantasy?

Image credit: Ernesto Neto, Installation view anthropodino, Park Avenue Armory, New York, NY, 2009. Photo: James Ewing.
Image credit: C-Monster

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