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Interactive Design & User Experience
We understand the need to impact sales, and focus on multi-channel design to drive unified results. Whatever the mix of digital and traditional channels, there are three areas we deliver against:

Brand Identity & Standards Design

1. Understand Key Insights: We focus on users and their ecosystem to identify new opportunities and uncover value that you can act on. This can include activities such as user interviews, experience audits, existing research reviews and so on, to get at the heart of what matters.

    • Ethnographic Studies
    • Online Surveys and Co-Creation Platforms
    • Immersion Workshops
    • Experience Audit and Modeling
    • Brand Touchpoint Audit and Analysis
    • Competitive Audit and Analysis
    • Industry or Technology Trend Analysis and Mapping
    • Shopper and Customer Journey Mapping
    • Persona Development
    • Design Briefs, Insight Presentations, Design Principles

2. Shape Strategy: We synthesis things like consumer needs, business goals, new technology and cross-industry best practices to help you build a roadmap and bring it to life so everyone can stay focused, working towards a unified vision of the future.

    • Strategy Immersion or Alignment Workshop
    • Scenario Planning
    • Value Proposition Development
    • Portfolio Strategy
    • Product and Business Concepts
    • Business Case Development
    • Product and Innovation Roadmaps
    • Shopper and Customer Marketing Strategy
    • Brand Identity & Experience Strategy

3. Design Experiences: Bringing an idea, brand or company vision to life so that the experience resonates with its users is our passion. We use insight and strategy to create a design that will connect with your target audience from concepts and storyboards to mock-ups and prototypes. To implement the design, we work with one of our trusted partners or your in-house production /development team or preferred agency.

    • Visual Identity System Design (Branding, Multi-channel Guidelines / Standards, Packaging, Point of Sale, Digital)
    • Interactive Design (Information Architecture, User Experience, Web Design, Mobile App Design, UI Design, Usability, Integrated Systems Design)
    • Design of Innovative Spaces (Exhibits, Pop-Up, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare)
    • Future Oriented Innovation (Merging User Needs, Technology & Design To Bring To Life Future Concepts & Technology Demonstrators)

Experience Rethink delivers value by staying people-focused and research based, while also tapping into design and creativity to bring different perspectives, new ideas and approaches to make life easier and business more profitable.

We understand people and how they interact and think about the physical and digital worlds. And, we understand how the world is changing as people, businesses and technology collide to create the future.

Whether you are working in the B2C, B2B or need to rethink internal experiences and processes, let’s have a conversation to see how we can support a quick win, build a roadmap or help design and manage bigger change initiatives.

Three ways we categorize projects:

    1. Customer Experiences: From redesign to innovation, we work to improve things like website and mobile experiences, usability, brand experience and engagement at retail, along with patient experiences at hospitals. We audit, benchmark and gather insights; build strategy; and redesign the digital and physical channels brands and businesses use to reach customers.
    2. Internal Experiences: Over time, organizations, their processes and governance models get more and more complex. We use our expertise around experience design, systems, business and technology to bring more simplicity to your company, making things easy to experience again, saving people time and increasing productivity.
    3. Future Proof Your Business: We work with you to look five to ten years into the future to prepare your business for likely changes ahead. Using customer, business, social and technology trends, we create a vision of the future that your business can experience, giving everyone a more tangible understanding of how they need to prepare. We collaborate on future product and service roadmaps and help review opportunities teams should focus on, say no to or accelerate.

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