Easy Navigation Still Top Improvement Needed for Online Shopping Sites

As consumers and businesses, we are shopping online—and on our smart phones—more than ever before. There are differences in the demographics between U.S. and International shoppers. There are more people shopping for deals over the last few years of economic turmoil. Google may be pulling ahead of everyone to be the online shopping destination. And, there are still many reasons who people are afraid to shop online. All of these data points are fantastic!

As Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, and the holiday shopping season approach, we asked you,

“What is the  number 1 thing online shopping sites need to improve?”

“Ease of Navigating Website” is still the number 1 improvement people want to see. Is it surprising? The whole point of having an online shopping site is to help people buy things and they need to be able to find what they want to buy. What kind of experience are we really providing if this very clear, primary goal is not what our customers take away?

Areas like “Customer Service Experience (excluding returns)” and “Returns and Exchange Experience” are closely tied for the second area of improvement needed. Two really good write in votes in the “Other” category have been “Easy Price, Feature Comparison” and “Shipping Costs.”

Looking at the data on who is shopping and from where, there continues to be increases around the world in the number of people getting online to make a purchase. As expected, those between 18 and 35 are doing a lot online but the baby boomers have also caught up in their willingness to make online purchases. It is also interesting to see such similar numbers for shoppers in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Online Shopping, April 2010 (Image source: Permuto)

There is a lot of data about what shopping site is at the top too. Over the Summer, Google became the top shopping site according to comScore. Who will be this year’s overall top shopping destination? Who will win the lion’s share of the holiday shopping online?

Top Online Shopping Sites, June 2010 (Image source: comScore)

Privacy concerns are still lurking, especially when it comes to shopping online in the U.S. With this data, it is fascinating to see that U.S. consumers have less concerns about shopping online than ever before but the threat of suffering identity theft of some sort has actually increased significantly in recent years.

Why people are afraid to shop online (Image source: Milo)


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