Shopping Takes Top Views in 2010

Four articles on shopping were the most viewed pages since we went live about three months ago. If you missed them, thousands of people took a look and many contacted us via email and comments. Let us know what you think and if they help you plan for the future of shopping.

  1. 14 Transformations Define The Future of Shopping In 2020
  2. Today’s Top 10 Shopping Innovations
  3. Expert’s Agree With Future of Shopping Vision for 2020
  4. Easy Navigation Still Top Improvement Needed for Online Shopping Sites

There are two other articles that didn’t get as much attention on our site but did get significant traction on These two deal with healthcare and the patient experience by focusing on HAI (Health-Associated Infections), a topic that needs more attention in the US and around the world. Did you know that HAIs are a top ten killer in the US? Neither did we, until we started doing some research and interviewing people who have had to deal with HAIs. These articles are meant to be eye opening to anyone. But, more than that, they are a call to raise awareness around HAIs,  improve the patient experience and make it easier for healthcare workers to keep themselves and their patients from contracting so many HAIs.

  1. Fear of the Unknown and Healthcare’s Hush Around HAI
  2. The Human Experience and Cost of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)

We hope you have a wonderful New Year and hope to hear from you in 2011!